Meet the Student Team

Six students (including me!) will trek to the eclipse path.  Beginning in August, Ned and I will begin training on our equipment, communications, and of course, the theory. Everyone will be working hard to keep things going off without a hitch!

My name is Cameron. I am a senior physics major, physics lab TA, residential adviser, multimedia consultant, CLIMBucknell facilitator, and KDR member. I will also be serving as the First Mate of the expedition, assisting with many of the cool telescopes and equipment. I am excited for this expedition because this is a once in a life time event to see the Sun’s corona!!
My name is Alexa Thomas, I am a rising senior and I am an Applied mathematical sciences major, with a minor in Environmental studies. I am Secretary and Treasurer of Delta Zeta, and a member of Bucknell University Choir and Camerata. On  The eclipse trip, I am really looking forward to seeing stars during the day (especially because they are winter stars)!
Hi, I’m Ryan Stanitski. I am a rising sophomore and a Physics with concentration in Astrophysics major. At Bucknell, I am a Buckwild leader and a member of Student Emergency Response Volunteer/William Cameron Engine Company.  I look forward to simply viewing and studying a lunar event that rarely takes place.

Hey, I’m Josh, a senior physics major at Bucknell. Having been interested in eclipses in middle school, I looked up all the coming solar eclipses and was delighted to find out that a one was going to happen at my house in 2017. Never had I thought that I’d have the opportunity to go the south and see the eclipse in its full glory, so needless to say I’m looking forward to this trip! Besides this expedition, my hobbies and interests include physics research, language learning, cycling, and looking like a young Karl Marx.

I’m Jake! I’m a senior physics major who loves astrophysics. My sophomore year, I actually aided in the discovery of a number of new brown dwarfs. When I’m not doing physics, I work in the theater department and am a part of an improv comedy troop on campus.
My name is Payton, but you may know me better as @bucknelleclipse. I’m a junior, majoring in physics, Vice President of New Member Education for Delta Zeta, and a member of the Offbeats a cappella group. I really really like space. You can probably find me wandering around campus at night tripping over things because my eyes are glued to the sky. I’m definitely looking forward to the eclipse itself, but I’m excited for the opportunity to share what I have learned with everyone afterwords.


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  1. We think it is great what the Bucknell team is doing. We are planning a program during the eclipse and we are making pinhole projectors using paper towel rolls during the program. Does one paper towel roll work as well as three paper towel rolls? We have many people signed up for the program and are not sure if we can supply everyone with three paper towel rolls as our instructions tell us to do.


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